About Us

The company “Laiptvija” has been specializing in production of stairs for more than 10 years. The high quality of production is determined by permanent attention to convenience of stairs and long-termexperience in wood and metal processing. Since its establishment in 2004, the best professionals have been working for the company, including highly qualified designers, as well as other specialists who are proficient in wood and metal processing.

“Laiptvija” is based in Siauliai, but we work all over Lithuania. We also have customers in Latvia, Norway, Germany and the UK. Among our customers there are both individuals and construction companies.

All stairs are designed individually, in accordance with strict ergonomic requirements. We arrive in any place in Lithuania in order to find our clients’ requests and evaluate possibilities of installation. After submitting our offer to a client and discussing it we begin designing stairs. We use only quality materials, such as two-component parquet varnish, oils and stains of various colours and shades. We often order laser-cut metal details which guarantee our products precision and quality. For production of treads we carefully select wood, thoroughly sort it out, match shades and colours. High quality glue is used while assembling stairs.

The company regularly invests in renovation and improvement of production, buying new wood processing machines and tools.


  • Durability and stability – we value metal stair constructions which provide our stairs with these features.
  • Ergonomic environment – moving from one floor to another tires people, therefore we produce ergonomic stairs which help to create a friendly living space.
  • Constant development – stairs, which are all individual and different, challenge us and foster improvement.